the vision of suresmile

suresmile 7.0 software allows you to visualize your treatment plan in the patient’s facial profile, enhancing your ability to plan smile aesthetics, consult with the referring GP over the internet and demo to the patient during the consultation.

In traditional treatment, considerable time can be spent in the final stages of treatment attempting to achieve a solid functional occlusion for your patient. Features of the suresmile system, like the clipping plane and quality scoring, help you to achieve your clinical goals more precisely while reducing treatment time by 30%.*

Case treated by Dr. Bruce Goldstein

May 2008
Initial intraoral
July 2008
Planned result
August 2009
Actual result

quality scoring

The quality scoring feature automatically scores your treatment plan and enables you to quickly adjust the plan to improve the scoring.

Original score was 83.
Viewing and quickly correcting problem areas enabled a reduction to a very low score of 8.

you have options

You have two options when it comes to digital input for treatment planning. If you are utilizing optical scanners, we provide the tooth and truncated roots. If you have access to CBCT scans, suresmile is the only system that can provide models of actual roots and cortical bone for optimal treatment planning and appliance design.

Roots misaligned.
Roots aligned.

empowering your treatment

Simulations of treatment results empower you to evaluate the tooth movement of your digital plan. With difficult cases, multiple simulations can be created to evaluate the best option for the patient. Simulations give you a powerful imaging option to share with patients during consultation.

Therapeutic model.
Simulation #1. Extraction 2nd bicuspids.
Simulation #2. Extraction 1st bicuspids.
Simulation #3. Non-extraction IPR.

*Studies available upon request from suresmile.

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